Robert Callahan


Learn about the beast behind the camera, Robert Callahan.

ABOUt Robert Callahan

My name is Robert Callahan, I'm a professional photographer and marketer based in Huntsville, Alabama. I specialize in commercial imaging and web marketing for brands and individuals to help them succeed in their chosen market space. I've worked with top social media influencers as well as a wide variety of brands and organizations. But that's the boring's the real shit. I love motorcycles, hate vegetables (pretty sure my wife sneaks them in my smoothies), and am terrified of spiders even though my yard is infested with them. Did you know that spider eyes reflect light, just like a dogs, and you can see their creepy little eyes at night with a flashlight - it's terrifying. I have 6 dogs and 4 cats, so pet hair is part of my everyday wardrobe. Race bikes and cheeseburgers are my ultimate weaknesses, combine the two and we are best friends forever. Anyhoozle, let's work together and create some badass content together! I promise I won't have dog hair on me...or fire.