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DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

Flying a drone is a lot of fun; I think that is something we can all agree on, but flying a drone with a 4K camera and constant video feedback is on a whole other level of fun and excitement. DJI has done something really special and fairly unique here; they have managed to make a professional drone that almost anyone can fly, thereby giving the average person an accessible tool capable of creating beautiful images and video. With simple controls, easy assembly, and a wide array of resources to reference, you can have this thing up in the air only minutes after opening it. DJI has created modes specifically tailored to the audience that is new to this type of flight, utilizing the onboard object detection and smart takeoff / landing, it has become a bit of a challenge to wreck one of these. Don't get me wrong, it is sill possible - as seen on countless YouTube videos (specifically Casey Neistat's horrible track record with drones). However, DJI has done everything they can to protect your investment while still giving you the reigns to a full blown professional drone. If you get a chance to fly one of these, or you have been thinking of picking one up, I strongly urge you to do so. Being able to incorporate gorgeous arial shots into short films, or whatever you're creating, is an incredibly freeing and creative way tell your story. 



New Phone = New Daily Shooter

My wife and I recently upgraded our iPhones via the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program. Coming from the iPhone 6, the 6s Plus is actually a pretty big step-up in performance, but most importantly to me, it's a very large step-up in camera performance. The optical stabilization of the rear facing camera is beyond capable of shooting quality footage. Every shoot I do, I try to take a couple shots with my phone and I'll be posting them here with my thoughts on performance.  

 Shot with Sony a99 and edited in Adobe Lightroom with VSCO

Shot with Sony a99 and edited in Adobe Lightroom with VSCO

Below is one of the photos I took of my Honda CBR600RR with my iPhone 6s Plus.

Shot on iPhone 6s Plus

The resolution on this image alone is insane, not to mention the dynamic range. If I had a polarizing filter for my iPhone 6s Plus, this thing would be dangerously at taking naturally lit automotive photos. The lens is wide, but with enough distance between you and the subject it works really well. Some slight correction in Adobe Lightroom and you can have a workable image that is well suited for social media or web applications. The 6s Plus is a welcomed piece of photography equipment that I am extremely happy to have with me at all times. 

Robert Callahan
Behind the Scenes at my latest shoot

Here's a little peak behind one of my last photo shoots. 

I was shooting my 2013 Honda CBR600RR Repsol Edition on a rear PitBull Stand. 

As the clouds moved in, so did the wind. If we stepped away from the lighting even for a minute we had to lay it down and remove the Sony flash front the soft box. 

I was shooting with my Sony a99 and Sigma 35mm f1/1.2. I used ISO 50 for most of the shoot and we lit different parts of the bike and combined them in post. We did a few shots with me as an added subject.


I'll be posting gear reviews and how-to's in the future, so stay tuned. 

Robert Callahan